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Physical Therapy New LenoxHelping Hands Children’s Therapy Services, Inc. uses a unique collaborative, cross-disciplinary approach to meet the needs of children while being a source of support for the family unit. Physical therapy in New Lenox is one of many services that focus on empowering children to overcome life challenges.

The children's therapy services at Helping Hands are designed to identify underlying issues causing deficits, and the treatment provided focuses on enhancing child independence while strengthening the family unit.

For complete information on the wide range of children’s therapy options at Helping Hands, call 815-462-4928 and speak to a knowledgeable and helpful representative. You can also send your comments or questions by simply filling out the contact form on this page and your inquiry will have a prompt response.

Physical Therapy by Caring and Experienced Professionals

A team of caring and experienced professionals at Helping Hands provide solutions to challenging situations. Qualified and talented therapists will meet with parents at grocery stores, parks, and other public places to address the challenges when and where they typically occur. On-going family support is provided with home suggestions, and on-going communication will address the child's needs as the present themselves.

The physical therapy services in New Lenox at Helping Hands focus on enhancing the child’s mobility, improving strength, endurance, balance, and coordination for greater independence in the home and community. Physical therapy works to provide a strong core and stable base of support in order to develop other skills. Therapists will target underlying deficits while utilizing advanced creative techniques and a playful approach.

Physical therapy at Helping Hands addresses the following areas:

  • Balance and coordination
  • Endurance
  • Gait
  • Gross motor skills
  • Muscle strength
  • Muscle tone
  • Posture

Your Child Could Benefit from Physical Therapy in New Lenox

If your child exhibits behavior such as delays in early motor skill milestones, difficulty in jumping, hopping, and skipping, is easily fatigued, has an immature or awkward walking patter, or has poor balance and trips often, physical therapy in New Lenox might have solutions that will help your child deal with these issues.

Call 815-462-4928 and speak to a knowledgeable and helpful representative about the options for physical therapy in New Lenox. You can also fill out the contact form on this page and a knowledgeable associate will respond to your inquiry promptly.

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