Telemedicine (Therapy)

What is it?

Telemedicine, TeletherapyTelemedicine (therapy) is the use of audio and video technology utilized from a distance to connect children with experienced therapists to address concerns with speech, feeding, motor, and behavior concerns.

WHy Does it work?

The use of technology is an amazing phenomenon to keep your child interested and engaged in their therapy sessions. Telemedicine (therapy) offers real time solutions to situations you experience in your home.  Our team of experienced therapists will provide you and your child with activities to boost their independence while improving their confidence. Telemedicine (therapy) is provided in the convenience of your home, while reducing the amount of time you spend away from your home. 

What do I need?

You will need an Internet connection (3MB upload and download), a computer with speakers and an audio camera, and a quiet work area for your child.

What types of telemedicine (therapy) do you provide?

Telemedicine (therapy) is provided by licensed and experienced, occupational, physical, and speech-language pathologists. We have 2 different treatment options to fit your needs:

  1. Direct therapy – this is where your child and the therapist work together to achieve certain goals.
  2. Consulting/Education – this model is provided to the parents and/or caregiver. Concerns you have for your child will be targeted by your therapist by offering suggestions, tips, and tricks to get your child back on track.

How do i sign up?

Direct therapy requires the following:

  • Prescription for services from your pediatrician. Please fax to 815-462-4929.  The prescription should state the service your child needs (i.e. speech, OT, etc.)
  • Complete New Client Packet (click here)
  • Complete Informed Consent for Telemedicine (therapy) (click here)
  • Call your insurance to see if therapy is a covered service under your health plan. Some plans may not cover telemedicine (therapy), so please specify that these are the services your child will receive. 
  • Schedule your child’s evaluation by calling 815-462-4928 or fax us a recent evaluation.
  • Your child’s treatment sessions will generally be 30-60 minutes long.

Consulting/Education requires the following:

  • Complete the Consent for Consultation form (click here)
  • Complete the Informed Consent for Telemedicine (click here)
  • Call our office to schedule your consultation at 815-462-4928
  • Sessions are scheduled for 30 minute intervals.

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