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At Helping Hands, we use a collaborative, cross disciplinary approach that is unique. For example, a lot of language based disorders have a sensory motor component, therefore our speech therapists utilize sensory integration techniques in their treatment sessions to address the child's needs.

We provide solutions to target challenging situations. Our therapists will meet with parents at grocery stores, parks, etc. so we can address the challenges when they typically occur. We provide on-going family support with home suggestions, and on-going communication to address the child's needs.

Helping HandsHelping Hands

offering innovative programs and opportunities

We offer innovative programs and opportunities for children who need therapeutic intervention, and whose families may not have the resources to get their child the services they need. During our free screenings, parents will walk away with suggestions on the spot to address their child's needs.

We offer recommendations for lifestyle changes that can have a positive impact on your child's function and performance. We are firm believers that many of our clients exhibit delays as a result of food sensitivities/intolerances, over use of antibiotics and other medications, environmental toxins, and toxicity overload.

Our office staff will help guide families to get the most out of their insurance benefits. We assist families in obtaining exemptions and grants to relieve the financial burden associated with medical care costs.

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