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Children’s Therapy Services

At Helping Hands, we know what a challenge it can be to have a child with special needs. We help parents find ways to meet the needs of their child while being a source of support for the family unit. You will find our clinic to be a warm and caring environment, where you will meet other families with similar needs and experiences during your children's therapy.

Empowering Children & Their Families

Helping Hands Children's Therapy

Helping Hands Children's Therapy Services focuses on empowering children and their families to overcome challenges. Our children's therapy services will identify the underlying issues causing the deficits, and the treatment we provide focuses on enhancing the independence of the child while strengthening the family unit.

Speech therapy services focus on enabling a child to be an effective communicator and independent language learner.

Occupational therapy services focus on enabling your child functional independence with childhood "occupations".

Physical therapy services focus on enhancing mobility and gross motor skills for participation in the home and community.

Group services are goal specific, and allow for opportunities to develop and enhance a variety of skills with peers.

Parent Trainings are offered to anyone in the community interested in learning more about development, educational services, health and diet, and incorporation of activities into the home and community.

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Ever worry that your child might not be on track? Take our online questionnaire today!

caring & compassionate therapists

At Helping Hands our team utilizes a collaborative, cross-disciplinary approach, integrating various approaches, to provide the best pathway to progress. We draw on professional knowledge as well as personal experiences to get the results for your child and family.

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