8-12 Months Milestones

Gross Motor
  • Gets to sitting position without assistance
  • Gets to hands-and-knees position independently
  • Crawls
  • Stands holding on with support
  • Pulls self to stand
  • Walks holding onto furniture
  • Stands momentarily without support
  • Possibly walks 2 or 3 steps without support
Fine Motor
  • Uses pincer grasp
  • Puts objects into container
  • Takes objects out of container
  • Lets go of objects voluntarily
  • Pokes at things with index finger
  • Independent wrist and finger movements
  • Left or right hand preference observed
  • Turns pages/pushes a toy car/stacks rings
Language/Oral Motor
  • Pays increasing attention to spoken words of others
  • Talks or “jabbers” all the time, usually with nonsensical sounds
  • Responds to simple verbal requests
  • Stops doing something if told “no”, but only momentarily
  • Says “dada” and “mama”
  • Uses exclamations such as “uh-oh”
  • Tries to imitate words/indicates wants
  • Cup drinking is unstable; jaw/tongue protrusion on swallow
  • Some jaw separation from tongue and lip during bite
  • Improved coordination to suck, swallow, and breathe (10–12 months)
Personal and Social
  • Explores objects in different ways (shaking, banging, throwing, dropping)
  • Finds hidden objects easily
  • Looks at correct picture when the image is named
  • Begins to use objects correctly (drinking from cup, brushing hair, holding phone to ear)
  • Imitates gestures
  • Is shy or anxious with strangers
  • Cries when mom or dad leaves
  • Enjoys imitating people
  • Shows specific preferences for certain people and toys
  • Tests parental responses to behaviors
  • May be fearful in some situations
  • Prefers primary caregiver over others
  • Repeats sounds or gestures for attention
  • Feeds self with fingers
  • Extends arm or leg to help when being dressed
  • Improved eye hand coordination; shifts focus (5–8 months)
  • Looks for hidden objects; imitates faces (8–15 months)
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