1-2 Years Milestones

Gross Motor
  • Walks independently
  • Pulls toys while walking
  • Carries large toy or several toys while walking
  • Stoops to pick item up and stands again without holding onto anything
  • Can walk backwards
  • Kicks a ball
  • Walks up and down stairs
Fine Motor
  • Scribbles spontaneously
  • Turns over containers to put out contents
  • Builds tower of 3–4 blocks (15–17 months) 6–8 blocks (18–23 months)
  • Possibly uses one hand more frequently than the other
  • Functional supination
  • Nests cups
  • Releases and places an object in horizontal opening (17-18 months)
  • Strings one bead (17–18 months); 3 beads (18–24 months)
  • Imitates vertical stroke (17–18 months)
  • Places 3 shapes into form board puzzle(18–23 months)
Language/Oral Motor
  • Turns and looks when name is called
  • Points to object or picture when it is named
  • Waves “bye-bye” when someone is leaving, and says “bye-bye”
  • Recognizes names of familiar people, objects, and body parts
  • Says several single words like up and out
  • Uses two word phrases such as “want drink”
  • Follows simple instructions
  • Repeats words overheard in conversation
  • Uses objects, body gestures, and simple words to communicate
  • Lip closure during chewing
  • Reduced tongue extension during swallowing (16–18 months)
  • Controlled bite without associated head movement (16–18 months)
  • Uses tongue to clean lips (19–24 months)
  • Straw drinking with lips (19–24 months)
  • Chews meat completely (19–24 months)
  • Transfers across midline (19–24 months)
Personal and Social
  • Finds object even when hidden under two or three covers
  • Can perform simple tasks or chores around the house
  • Can pull off some clothing
  • Begins to play make-believe
  • Imitates behavior of others, especially adults and children
  • Is more aware of self as separate from others; recognizes self in photos
  • Is increasingly enthusiastic about the company of other children
Other Characteristics
  • Demonstrates increased independence
  • Strives to leave caretakers to explore, but fears separation
  • Begins to show defiant behavior
  • Displays separation anxiety which increases towards 1½ years and fades as 2nd birthday approaches
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