Occupational Therapy

What is occupational Therapy?

Occupational TherapyOccupational therapy services focus on enabling your child functional independence with childhood “occupations”. Childhood “occupations” generally include:

  • Self feeding
  • Dressing
  • Problem solving
  • Motor skills
  • Learning
  • Socialization

The occupational therapists at Helping Hands incorporate play activities to enhance the independence of your child.  Helping Hands' sensory gyms and treatment rooms offer innovative equipment designed to challenge your child in a playful way.  Our goal is to address the underlying issues limiting your child's independence, while utilizing a variety of creative and motivating activities.  Our therapists have extensive training in sensory integration techniques and incorporate activities to maintain an optimal level of arousal so learning can occur.

Your child may benefit from occupational therapy if they:

  • Have difficulty with transitions
  • Have difficulty learning new tasks
  • Have limited pretend play/don't play with toys appropriately
  • Have low tone/decreased muscle strength
  • Are clumsy and trip often
  • Have adverse reactions to food, clothing textures, or sounds
  • Overreacts to new situations or are fearful of people
  • Have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep
  • Constantly on the go, which impacts learning
  • Have difficulty with coloring, writing, or cutting

Occupational therapy services at Helping Hands include:

  • A comprehensive evaluation, which includes motor development (fine and gross motor skills), sensory processing and modulation skills, visual motor and visual processing skills, and play skills.
  • An individualized program tailored to your child's strengths and weaknesses
  • A consistent schedule based on your child's needs and your availability.
  • On-going activities to incorporate at home to enhance carry-over of skills.
  • Collaboration with school based therapy to ensure a cohesive approach.
  • On-going support for your family to enhance your child's independence.

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