0-1 Month Milestones

Gross Fine Motor
  • Makes jerky arm movements; both sides of the body
  • Follows moving object briefly with both eyes
  • Moves head from side to side while on tummy
  • Head flops backward if it is unsupported
  • Brings hands within range of eyes and mouth
  • Is able to keep hands in tight fists
  • Momentary regard for objects
  • Arm thrust
  • Brief grasp response to touch
  • Hand to mouth coordination
  • Visual response to own hand
  • Visual response to object in own hand
Language/Oral Motor
  • Makes sounds
  • Suckle/swallow reflex
  • Tongue movement-in/out pattern
  • Tongue is cupped to provide channel for backward movement of liquid
  • Rooting reflex
  • Phasic bite reflex
  • Gag reflex
Personal and Social
  • Prefers to look at human faces more than objects
  • Has limited ability to focus on someone’s face or an object
  • Sees light and form
  • Horizontal and vertical eye movements
Other Characteristics
  • Focuses on things 8-12 inches away
  • Eyes tend to wander and occasionally cross
  • Is startled by loud sounds
  • Prefers black and white or high contrast patterns
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