1-2 Years Questionnaire

From 12-15 months your toddler may be walking, crawling up stairs, and throwing a ball. He/she may be using simple words and may use gestures to indicate wants and needs. Your toddler will also start imitating actions they see others perform.

From 15-18 months your toddler is now walking everywhere and starting to run and climb. He/she can turn pages in a book, use a spoon, and can drink from an open face cup. He/she is now using 15-25 words and is following simple commands.

From 18-21 months your child is challenging their balance by climbing and standing on one foot. Your child is starting to show a greater interest in puzzles, shape sorters, and is beginning to form lines while drawing. Your child is using 10-50 words, use phrases, respond to yes/no questions, and is beginning to follow 2-step commands.

From 21-24 months your child is walking up/down stairs, jumping with 2 feet, and demonstrating ball skills such as kicking, catching, and throwing. Your child can feed himself with a spoon and fork. He/she can remove and put on their shoes and socks. Your child’s vocabulary is exploding and they may be using upwards of 300 words. Your child is using pronouns and can follow 2 step commands.

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