My name is Tessa Quinlan, and I started working at Helping Hands as a Marketing/Parent Liaison in January 2016.  I wanted to take this time to introduce myself so that if you see me in the hallways or in the waiting room, either observing a class or talking with parents, you will know that I am here to help with any additional matters that can assist in gaining the best out of the current therapy sessions that your child(ren) are receiving, or providing any resource information that you may need or request. 

My background comes mainly from personal experience with our son, but starts with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing.  My education background is from the College of St. Francis (Now known as University of St. Francis) in Joliet, IL.  I graduated in 1996 with a degree in Management and a minor in Marketing.    I worked right of college with not for profits organizations.  Starting with an organization called Women in Cable, then to the Chicago Medical Society and finishing with an Assisted Living facility working in the Marketing Department for Arden Courts, a facility for Alzheimer's/Dementia residents.  My working experience lasted until the birth of our son in 2004.  This is where my personal experience started...

Where do I begin?  Long story but I am sure many of you can relate.  When our son, Gavin, was born, all was well (so we thought).  After many months of being new parents and enjoying the idea of now being an at home mom, we soon realized it was for a reason.  After watching, observing, and just taking in all that Gavin was doing, we also realized what he wasn't doing.  After multiple visits with specialists and consults, we soon realized our son needed more.  We entered into the Early Intervention system and started therapy for Gavin at 10mos of age.  Gavin was receiving PT, OT, and Speech until age 3 when he aged out.  We then received those same therapies at the school level.  But we felt it was necessary to continue with private therapy for Gavin.  Gavin was working with therapists from Helping Hands at our home thru EI so we felt best fit was with Helping Hands, since they already knew him.  It has worked out well, and 10 years later we continue with private therapy at HH for Gavin.  At age 5, we continuously worked at an answer to explain Gavin's delay.  Our answer came with a simple blood test that gave us life changing results.  Gavin has a chromosomal abnormality, called Dup 15q.  This abnormality, long story short, mimics Autism but can carry other characteristics such as organ issues, seizures as well as sudden death.  That diagnosis in Sept 2009, took us back, but didn't stop us from still striving for the best for our son.  We have since lead fundraisers for the New York based charity Dup 15q Alliance, and in 6 events we have raised over $110,000 for the charity. 

Nothing beats private therapy.  Who knows where our son would be without Helping Hands, but we knew we didn't want to find out.  I give YOU, the parents of our clients here at Helping Hands, much praise for leading the path for their child(ren).  You want the same for your child as we wanted for our son.  Hats off to you!

I am here to bridge any gap that can aide with allowing more progress for you and/or your child(ren).  I am here to make you feel that you are getting the best out of Helping Hands as well as the therapists that your child works with.  The idea of Helping Hands bringing me on board as a Parent Liaison is to make all that enter thru our doors not only feel welcome, but informed and connected.

I feel I can relate to most in their quest for the best for their child.  Please let me know how I can better assist you. I can be reached at Tessa@helpinghandstherapy.org or at the office at 815/462-4928.

 Helping Hands is here for all!

Thank you,

Tessa Quinlan

185 S. Marley Rd. New Lenox, IL 60451