Easter Activities

April 2, 2017

I love everything Easter stands for!  There are so many great Easter ideas and activities that can be incorporated into your child's day.  Putting these ideas into action, while focusing on skill development, is a recipe for success!  Here are some fun things we do at our clinic to bring holidays like Easter to life:


Easter egg grabber/spoons

Easter eggs (plastic) - so many different kinds and sizes out there.  We have solid colored plastic, patterned, sport, and farm animal themed Easter eggs.  We have small, medium, and large sized eggs.  There are so many ways we use these.  We open and close them, throw them, match them, hide and find them, reach for them, and hide things in them where they have to guess what it is.  We have made pairs of eggs with similar items inside where they have to match the eggs that sound the same.   We write letters on them to work on word families or to reinforce letter identification.  Sometimes we blow them across a table or the floor, and see who can blow the egg the farthest!


Easter Potato Head

Easter bunny potato head - what a great spin on one of the most classical toys of all time!  The kids love the bunny feet, his floppy ears, and his tail!  Great ways to incorporate language is to ask them what the bunny uses to hop with, what does the bunny use to eat his carrots, and how does the bunny hear if someone is coming?  

Picker-uppers - I'm sure there is an actual name for this toy, but I cannot think of it off the top of my head.  We use this little toy to pick up eggs from the floor and move them to an Easter basket.  It's a great tool to work on eye-hand coordination, while strengthening the hand and index finger, all at the same time!


Egg sound matching

We make up a lot of games and activities too.  We use laminated, colored eggs to use as targets while we practice jumping, hopping on one foot, or while throwing bean bags.  We also write on foam Easter eggs where we read the directions and the kids have to follow them.  It can be as simple as "jump up and down and then clap your hands" or as complex as "before you turn around, put your hands behind your back".  Don't tell our kids, but sometimes we make up our own directions and don't actually read what's on the egg!

Crafts - there are so many different crafts to do!  We make chicks, decorate eggs with stickers, markers, crayons, paints, and draw bunnies.  You name it.  Pinterest is loaded with Easter craft ideas.  Crafts are a great way to expose your kids to activities that may be challenging for them.

Scavenger hunts - we made a really nice scavenger hunt where the kids need to listen to rhymes (where they are given hints), and they use those hints to find out where the egg is hidden.  

Coloring Easter eggs - what would Easter be without coloring eggs?  Although they are supervised for this activity, they are basically given free reign to decorate their eggs however they like.  We also offer the opportunity for them to peel eggs and eat them, hard boiled style.  You'd be amazed at how many of them actually like them!

Easter is such a great opportunity to develop skills in a fun and educational way.  As always, be creative, ensure success, and have fun!  Have a nice and joyous Easter!


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