What your child can’t tell you – Reflux.

September 23, 2014
This is the first segment in a series about how our environment and food is contributing to the massive increase in childhood diseases and disorders.  Before I start, I feel I should give you a little background about how I came to research the impact the environment and food have on our everyday functioning.  Not to bore you with details,
Always so full of energy!

Always so full of energy!

but I'll start here. 

Working with children, I've had many parents throughout the years try a variety of (what some believe) to be non-traditional methods or treatments to help their children.  Some I thought were a little "cooky", but over the years I have changed my tune.  We owe it to our children to find out what works best for them to get them where they need to be. 

When my daughter was little, she was sick all the time.  They said the colic would end at 3 months, but I wasn't so lucky, it stopped around 9 months.  She had reflux, which I was told should be treated with medication, at least until it resolves itself
Breathing treatment - not even 2 years old

Breathing treatment - not even 2 years-old

once she was up and moving (Not!).  She was constipated all the time and was an extremely picky eater.  At one point while my husband was traveling, I returned from the doctor with all the prescriptions on my table and cried.  There were 5, which consisted of an antibiotic (not amoxicillin because she had a reaction to that), Donatussin (cough suppressant), Miralax (constipation), and Xopenenx and Albuterol (bronchodilators).  I kept thinking to myself, how can that be okay to put all that in a 2 year-old?  My doctor prescribed it so it must be okay, right?  (No!)  Several gastroenterologists, ENT's, allergists, chiropractors, neurologists, feeding evaluations, and a change in pediatricians, no one had any answers.  I wish I would have listened to my gut.

Fast forward to when she was 10.  One day we were talking and she asked me, "Why do I always have puke in my mouth?"  I about dropped to the floor!  Her reflux never went away!  Since she always had it, she thought it was normal.    It was dairy all along! 

Frankly, I was done with traditional medicine.  You know those moms that tried all those "cooky" treatments I talked about?  I sought them out, and started researching the underlying cause of her continued reflux and other health related issues.  What I found was astounding!  It made me angry!  But do you want to know something?  This information has helped me be a better mom, healthier person, and a more knowledgeable therapist.  Look for the next topic - Dairy and how it impacts our children.  I hope you find some information in this series that you can put to good use.  Please feel free to share this information with anyone you think could benefit.

Thanks for reading!  C

Please note that the information contained in this blog is not medical advice.  It is suggested you speak with your doctor about any supplements or dietary changes you make to your child's diet. 
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